A typical mobile home from around 1950. At the time, a "trailer" with full bathroom facilities was cutting edge. Yes, there WAS a complete bathroom, but it usually was not walled off from the hallway and rear bedroom. The body design du jour had rounded ends. The standard interior width was 8 feet, with chassis lengths reaching 30 feet.
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A "Parade Of Homes" mobile home show, circa 1953. An outdoor event is depicted here, but many were held indoors in arenas and exhibition centers. Later, as shopping plazas began dotting the suburban landscape, shows would be set up in their vast parking areas. 
Drawing from the Milwaukee Sentinel

A mid-century couple attend a "Gallery of Homes" mobile home show. These events were a popular way for manufacturers to debut new models. They were also a way for the local populace to while away leisure hours. 
Drawing from the Milwaukee Sentinel

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