In the years following World War II, America experienced the largest -and longest-lasting- economic expansion in its history. During these "boom" years, a favorite way to pass the time was to attend one of the many mobile home shows that were being held in venues across the nation.

Such events were a popular way for manufacturers to debut new models. Often a circus-type atmosphere was created, using bathing beauties, exotic animals, pole sitters, high divers and other attention-getting spectacles. 

A "Parade Of Homes" mobile home show, circa 1953. An outdoor event is depicted here, but many were held indoors in arenas and exhibition centers. Later, as shopping plazas began dotting the suburban landscape, shows would be set up in their vast parking areas. 
Drawing from the Milwaukee Sentinel

A mid-century Mr. & Mrs. find the (mobile) home of their dreams at a "Parade of Homes" exhibition. 
Drawing from the Milwaukee Sentinel

This graphic, a re-creation of a mid-20th century mobile home show advert, is typical of the time. 


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