The terms "Tin Can Tourist" and "Trailerite" had become part of the American vernacular by 1936. Oddly enough, "Tin Can Tourist" was not originally intended as an assessment of one's aluminum-clad, mobile accommodations. It was concocted as a slur against travelers who ate out of tin cans, instead of going to the trouble of preparing home-cooked meals or dining in restaurants. 

"Tin Can Tourist" had lost its negative implications by the mid-20th century, when it had been embraced by the vacation trailer community. The "Trailerite" term apparently never had such a less-than-favorable connotation.

"Trailerite", or one who lived year-round in a trailer coach or "house on wheels". The term, coined in the early 1930s, was in common usage during the mid-century years. It was being heard less frequently by the early 1960s and was archaic -and totally forgotten- by the early 1970s. 
Drawing From the Milwaukee Sentinel 

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