The standard washing machine of the early 1950s was the wringer-type model (seen on the left). Using a wringer washer in the typical 8' wide mobile home would have required too much floor space and the machine would have been completely in the way when not in use. The increasing popularity of the more compact automatic washer and dryer (on the right) made a mobile home laundry area truly practical. The first house trailers to come laundry-equipped made their debut in 1954. 

The early 1950s introduction of pastel shade appliances -i.e., yellow, turquoise and pink- made color-coordinated kitchens possible. Moreover, new mobile homes often featured counter-top range units and eye-level ovens!

A Space Age husband and wife relax in the "center kitchen" of their mobile home. It came equipped with the latest sunny yellow-shade appliances.
Photo from Mobile Home Manufacturers Association

The "front kitchen" in this trailer features a turquoise refrigerator and range.
Photo from Mobile Home Manufacturers Association


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