Another jovial couple entertain one another in the "Early American" living room of their new 8-wide rig. In this case, the living area is situated in the front of the trailer.
Photo from Mobile Home Manufacturers Association 

A Trailerite wife enjoys some quality time in her ultra-modern living room, which is in the center of the unit. By the late 1950s, over 4 million Americans were living in house trailers.
Photo from Trail R News magazine (October 1960)  

Newly-built rigs of the late 1950s featured several innovative design concepts, such as the aforementioned front kitchen. A unit might also come with new-type "jalousie" (roll out) windows. The late '50s brought longer models, which were now approaching 60 feet in length. Note: the 1959 cost of a house trailer fell between $3,000 (for an economy rig) and $15,000 (for a luxury model).

Mobile home exteriors of the late 1950s and early '60s were also futuristic in appearance.  Sweeping "sky-roofs" (also promoted as "raised roofs") brought in light and nighttime views of the stars and heavens. They were, in essence, the house trailer counterpart of the automobile tail fin. By the way, they did actually manufacture and sell pink mobile homes in those days. 

Speaking of 1959, we are posting Homes on The Move, a promotional film that shows several aspects of the mid-century Trailerite lifestyle in "real time". Please click on the play button below...

According to our vintage vignette, the mobile home "of today" goes far beyond being just affordable shelter for the millions of young Americans on the move.

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