Another jovial couple entertain one another in the "Early American" living room of their new 8-wide rig.
Photo from Mobile Home Manufacturers Association 

A Trailerite wife enjoys some quality time in her ultra-modern living room. By the late 1950s, over 4 million Americans were living in house trailers.
Photo from (SportSuburban's Photostream / Trail R News Magazine -October 1960) 
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Newly-built house trailers of the late 1950s featured several innovative design concepts, such as the aforementioned front kitchen. A rig might also come with the new-type "jalousie" (roll out) windows. The late 1950s brought longer units, which were now approaching 60 feet in length. 
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Mobile home exteriors of the late 1950s and early '60s were also futuristic in appearance. Sweeping "sky-roofs", such as the one featured on this model, brought in light and nighttime views of the stars and heavens. Note: the 1959 cost of a mobile home fell between $3,000 (for an economy rig) and $15,000 (for a luxury model).

Speaking of 1959, we are posting Homes on The Move, a vintage promotional film that shows several aspects of the mid-century Trailerite lifestyle in "real time". Please click here...


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