In 1952, the split-level design, exemplified by the '54 Ventoura Loft Liner rig below, made its debut. The main level bedroom area of these units had an extremely low ceiling (something like 6 feet). A 3 or 4 foot high "loft", serving as a second (bedroom) level, was accessed by a set of stairs.

Above and below we witness the Ventoura Loft Liner, one of the early split level trailers. The low ceilings of loft-type bedrooms made such quarters feasible only for use by children. An adult would surely have gotten claustrophobia!

We created a cut-away view of the split-level Loft Liner. Rigs such as this were made fairly obsolete by the introduction of the 12-wide, in 1960. 
-Click on image for a larger view-

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