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We hope to expand this section as time permits. To get things started, we are listing three classic television episodes which use a vintage mobile home, or homes, as a setting or plot device.

The debut episode of "Alfred Hitchcock Presents" was set in one of the most iconic early '50s rigs. "Revenge" originally aired on October 2, 1955. In the story, the Ralph Meeker and Vera Miles characters live in a 1950 SPARTANETTE, which is set up in a fictional seaside trailer park. Their neighbor is played by a "pre-Aunt Bee" Francis Bavier. All interior trailer scenes were filmed in a mock-up set, which was not entirely faithful to the actual rig's floor plan. The most noticeable error is the absence of a kitchen window, which is plainly visible in exterior views.
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The original "Perry Mason" series used a house trailer as a plot device for the seventeenth episode of its first season. "The Case of the Sun Bather's Diary" debuted on January 11, 1958. In said episode, a sun-bathing beauty is portrayed by Susan Morrow. Her 1957 Biltmore rig is hitched-up and stolen, leaving her in dire straits. 

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The debut season of the "Route 66" program also featured (what are now) vintage mobile homes. "Layout at Glen Canyon", episode # 9, was first shown on December 2, 1960. The story unfolds at the construction site of Arizona's Glen Canyon Dam. Several glamorous fashion models are flown in for a photo shoot; one portrayed by a pre-"Beverly Hillbillies" Donna Douglas. The gals are given accommodations in three 1961 model rigs, with two of these being Detroiters.
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"The Rockford Files" was originally broadcast between September 1974 and January 1980. A rather decrepit 1959 Nashua 8' by 45' rig was used for exterior scenes. Said trailer was set up in an seaside parking lot in Malibu, California. Interior scenes were filmed in a mock-up mobile home set, which had been built at Universal Studios. 


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