1956 Models

The Smoker Lumber Company of Indiana marketed its brand of double-decker mobile home as the VISTA-LINER
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As one can see in these diagrams, the VISTA-LINER was a radically-designed mobile home! Its 10 by 50 foot size made it one of the largest house trailers available in 1956. Moreover, it was among the first coaches to house two bathrooms AND four bedrooms. 
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The unique design of the VISTA-LINER took the standard mobile home concept, drastically revised it, and then turned it backward. The rig, with its living room at the rear arrangement, would have been pulled into a trailer park lot in reverse, with the tongue at the front end of the unit facing the back end of the site. The floor plan also dispensed with the two exterior doors on the front side configuration that had been the industry standard since the 1930s. 
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The Whitley Manufacturing Company of Indiana offered four mobile home models in 1956; these 8-wides coming in lengths of 29, 35, 41 and 47 feet. The 47 foot ULTRALINER was their top of the line rig. Its many features included two full-size bed bedrooms, deluxe, lined draw drapes, a large double bowl sink and tandem axles.
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Whitley's 47 Footer was built with the standard -two doors in front- layout. Its rear bedroom was a sizable one for the era, but the trailer's second sleeping quarters, crammed full with a double-size bed, left something to be desired and must have been a tight squeeze to pass through. There was, however, an abundance of closets and overhead cabinets in the unit.
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  1. I am working on a novel and doing my research first. The book will include a top of the line restored Spartan (or other model more rare in the same size/age/style). What kinds of things would wealthy people want put into a restoration? This Spartan will end up on a platform with a rain catchment roof on 20 acres of land in Terlingua Tx (Desert mostly -- beautiful views). Another would be a small Shasta or pick up truck slide in -- what might a holistic hippy have in a small space and/or improvements. How would they handle rain water catchment? Please send this on to whomever will help -- I want facts right for the novel. Thanks in advance. maryccharest@yahoo.com

    1. Mary,

      Thanks so much for posting. I regret that I can't be much help in your writing endeavor....other than to provide the info I have put together on this website.

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