1946 Models

Michigan's Palace Travel Coach Corporation's "refreshingly original" rig. 
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The '46 PALACE COACH was a standard 8 feet in width, with a tail end-to-tongue length of 25 feet. As shown in the floor plan above, there were no bathroom facilities. This particular mobile home feature had made an appearance in 1942 but would not become standard until the 1950 model year.
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  1. I lived in a Palace from 1952 to 1958 with my parents and two siblings. Tight fit for a family of 5. My father pulled the Palace with the family stationwagon. I giggle to see the recreational campers folks go "roughing in" these (2014) days. We would have really thought we were in a palace back in the 50's with one of these models!

  2. I hear ya' about that, lol. Thanks for posting.

  3. I love old mobile homes, grew up with one across from our house, spent my youth babysitting for the kids in the park and got to see the inside of most homes in the park, plus we had two or three mobile home dealers, and would always go "look at trailers" on the weekends, that was great. I have loved mobile homes from the fifties till now, because I live in one, and have for the past 27 years. I would love to see more inside pictures of old mobile homes, and would love to see the inside of a double decker mobile home. Thank you for your page.

  4. Anon,

    Thanks much for posting. It's great to hear from another kindred spirit here. Cheers.