1970 Models

The typical mobile home of the early 1970s was a far cry in quality from units built in the 1950s and early '60s. Of course, there were still high-quality brands around, such as Norris or Skyline, but these were premium-priced rigs. The MasterCraft trailer depicted above would have set one back $9,000...when a decent-sized house could have been had for less than $30,000 in many sections of the country. 
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Our MasterCraft home would have been assembled somewhere in the southeastern United States (the manufacturer has long since been out of business and there is no record of them on the internet). The Front Bedroom floor plan seen here was fairly standard in mobile homes by 1970. The unit's 14-by-70-foot size allowed for two full baths, a laundry area and tiny (claustrophobic) third bedroom in the center. 
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