1964 Models

New Moon Homes, a division of Redman Industries, started out in Alma, Michigan. By the 1960s, the company had moved its HQ to Dallas, Texas. Their 40-10 model was marketed not as a permanent residence but a vacation home. 

The three-bedroom 40-10 rig would have provided some close quarters. However, there may have been space enough for an automatic washer in the bathroom. 

By the 1964 model year, the futuristic, "space age" mobile home design of the late 1950s and early '60s had gone out of style. The ultra-modern home of mid-decade was a box-like structure. The latest features were house-type (simulated) window shutters and large-pane jalousie windows.
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The President Series was built by the American Coach Company of Cassopolis, Michigan. The 50' by 10' AMERICAN PRESIDENT rig included a convenient U-shaped kitchen, spacious bedroom (there was only one) and "Glide-A-Room" living room extension.
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