1959 Models

An interior view shows the ultra-modern crescent kitchen, which came equipped with the latest pastel shade -pink- appliances. There were an eye-level oven, with planter above, twin-bowl sink (still a notable feature in '59) and counter-top range. Typical of the time, the refrigerator is fitted under its own enclosure.
Photo from "Mobile Home Owner" magazine / October 1959

According to the advertising copy, the 1959 SPARTAN CAROUSEL combined "modern comfort" and "old-world charm". However, there was nothing old-fashioned about this sleek and shiny, space age mobile home. The CAROUSEL was built by the Spartan Aircraft Company, of Tulsa, Oklahoma. The futuristic features of the 50' by 10' rig include a sliding glass entry door and floor-to-ceiling windows in the expansive front living room.   

A floor plan shows the trailer's unique layout. The furnishings, which include a curved sofa in the living room and built-in "mr. & mrs. chest" (of drawers) in the single bedroom, were starkly modern.

St. Louis, Michigan's Detroiter Mobile Homes company was known throughout the industry for producing a high-quality product. The prestigious PONTIAC CHIEF model came in eight different floor plans. All homes were 10 feet in width, in lengths of 41, 46 or 51 feet. 
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The PONTIAC CHIEF 51 Footer -with front kitchen- featured three enclosed bedrooms which were situated along a front-side hallway. Most house trailers of the late '50s were still being built with "walk-thru" bedrooms and baths.
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The '59 Atlas FORTY-TWO--TEN rig had a neat front-end flower box. Typical of the Space Age, the unit was built with a futuristic "sky roof", accentuated by sweeping angles in the body design. 
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The Atlas FORTY-TWO--TEN featured a spacious front kitchen, "studio-styled" living room and even had space for an automatic washer. The most unique aspect of this mobile abode was the bathroom / bedroom arrangement at the rear of the rig. 
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  1. Jo posted on April 7, 2015 at 3:25 PM

    I'm now the proud owner of a vintage 1959 Detroiter "Atlas" model one bedroom (floorplan is similar to the Chief but only one bedroom), center bath, living room kitchen in the front. I love it. It was built while I was still in High School. It's a very comfortable fit for me. I now own a vintage 1974 Airstream Excella 500 and this one. Happy as a clam. Thank you Detroiter & Airstream for great mobiles/trailers/RV's.

  2. The Curator posted on April 9, 2015 at 12:01 PM

    Thanks so much for perusing and posting. Cheers.