1955 Models

America's post-war mobile home manufacturing industry was centered in the Hoosier State. One of the many Hoosier home builders was Zimmer Industries, Incorporated, which operated out of Elway, Indiana. Above, we see their HOLIDAY rig for 1955. 
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The 8 by 45 foot HOLIDAY featured a "charming fireplace" as its primary selling point. It is unknown whether this was -in fact- a wood-burning unit. More than likely, it was some kind of simulated, electric deal.
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M System Mobile Homes was building the 8' by 41' JAVELIN for their 1955 model year. The rig featured an all-aluminum finish that was accentuated by "elegant mirror-bright" strips along its exterior. 
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The '55 Javelin was noteworthy for its front bedroom layout. At the time, a rig with tongue-side sleeping quarters was still rather novel (most units would have had a living room in front). Another interesting feature was the trailer's provisions for an automatic washing machine.
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