1953 Models

In "The Long, Long Trailer" feature film, Tacy and Nicky Collini's New Moon rig extended 35 feet & 3 inches from stern-to-bow. It included amenities such as a doorbell chime (which was available as an option), studio sofa and glass window oven ("so you don't even have to open the door to see inside").
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A floor plan of the '53 New Moon Model "35". A mock-up set of the rig was created by the studio, with a few modifications. The actual trailer did not have a "sunken living room". Also, the shower shown in the movie would have been a bath tub in the production trailer. Lastly, the depiction of a twin-bed master suite complied with the Hollywood tabu of single-bedded couples. The actual trailer came with a double "island bed" (however, two twin beds were available as an option). 
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As part of the publicity campaign for MGM's "The Long, Long Trailer", Michigan's Redman Industries-New Moon Homes marketed their 1954 35 footer as the 'I Love Lucy' model.
Drawing from the Palm Beach Post


  1. I had one of these for 4 years trailers. I bought it used. It was in a fire. I rewired and installed a new furnace and re-paneled and painted it. I sold it to a friend for more than I paid. Slight profit was seen. it enabled me to live at a $50 per month fee for trailer hook up....water, sewerage, electric, and concrete pad. I believe garbage pickup was included. My new job was $ 90 per week at the phone company. So I was able to exist at a relatively low cost. Looking back I did not realize that I should have kept it and moved to some land somewhere..It would have been much less expensive than what I now reside in. I enjoy the simplicity of that life style. The trailer park was very quiet and I believe it still exists to day in Lodi, NJ.

  2. Anon,

    Thanks much for posting. Yup, you shouls have held onto the long, long trailer.

    I had a 1959 Detroiter that I totally rebuilt and sold for a good price.