1953 Models

In "The Long, Long Trailer" feature film, Tacy and Nicky Collini's New Moon rig extended 36 feet from stern-to-bow and included amenities such as a doorbell chime, sunken living room and glass window oven ("so you don't even have to open the door to see inside").
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A floor plan of the factory-built, '53 New Moon model. A mock-up set of the 8 x 36 footer was created by the studio, with a few modifications. The actual trailer did not have a "sunken living room". Also, the shower shown in the movie would have been a bath tub in the production trailer. Lastly, the depiction of a twin-bed master suite complied with the Hollywood tabu of single-bedded couples. In a factory model, the bedroom would have had one double-sized bed. 
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As part of the publicity campaign for MGM's "The Long, Long Trailer", Michigan's New Moon Homes marketed their 1954 36 footer as the 'I Love Lucy' model.
Drawing from the Palm Beach Post


  1. I had one of these for 4 years trailers. I bought it used. It was in a fire. I rewired and installed a new furnace and re-paneled and painted it. I sold it to a friend for more than I paid. Slight profit was seen. it enabled me to live at a $50 per month fee for trailer hook up....water, sewerage, electric, and concrete pad. I believe garbage pickup was included. My new job was $ 90 per week at the phone company. So I was able to exist at a relatively low cost. Looking back I did not realize that I should have kept it and moved to some land somewhere..It would have been much less expensive than what I now reside in. I enjoy the simplicity of that life style. The trailer park was very quiet and I believe it still exists to day in Lodi, NJ.

  2. Anon,

    Thanks much for posting. Yup, you shouls have held onto the long, long trailer.

    I had a 1959 Detroiter that I totally rebuilt and sold for a good price.