1952 Models

Until the mid-1950s, local statutes restricted the width of trailer rigs that could be transported on streets and highways to no more than 8 feet. So, mobile home designers of the era had to be creative in order to produce a more spacious house on wheels. The first truly innovative -wider than 8 foot- house trailers were the so-called "Expando-Homes", which were built by Southern California's Budger Trailer Company.
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In the 27 foot EXPANDO-HOME floor plan, we see how the 7-foot-wide "Expandable Section" was extended out from the trailer's "Main Section" once the rig had been parked. The unit featured an all-aluminum exterior and birch-paneled interior. There was wall-to-wall carpeting in the Expandable Section and linoleum floors throughout the remainder of the unit.
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