1952 Models

Until the mid-1950s, local statutes restricted the width of trailer rigs that could be transported on streets and highways to no more than 8 feet. So, mobile home designers of the era had to be creative in order to produce a more spacious house on wheels. The first truly innovative -wider than 8 foot- house trailers were the so-called "Expando-Homes", which were built by Southern California's Budger Trailer Company.
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In the 27 foot EXPANDO-HOME floor plan, we see how the 7-foot-wide "Expandable Section" was extended out from the trailer's "Main Section" once the rig had been parked. The unit featured an all-aluminum exterior and birch-paneled interior. There was wall-to-wall carpeting in the Expandable Section and linoleum floors throughout the remainder of the unit.
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Built by the Raymond Products Company, of Saginaw, Michigan, the TRAVELO 26 was praised in advertisements for its comfort and livability. At the same time, its "excellent towing and handling qualities" (due to its short -26 foot- length) were touted. 
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Although the TRAVELO 26 offered only 200 square feet of living area, it was marketed not as a travel-type unit, but as a "permanent trailer home." There were a bathroom with shower, extendable snack bar-dining table and plenty of closet space. A second exterior door was omitted from the floor plan and replaced by a (quote-unquote) "small, side-hinged utility door". 
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