The circa-1970 mobile home has a squared exterior, with "house type" windows and exterior doors. On the inside, a width of 12 feet -and length of 65 feet- provide more living space than ever before. Prices for newly-built rigs begin around $5,000 and end at $18,000.
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By the early 1970s, the "house-type" mobile home was 12 or 14 feet in width -if a single-wide unit- and between 60 and 70 feet in length. Models built after the mid-1960s usually featured a door in front and in the back floor plan, with a hallway running along the rear of the unit. Up to this time, both exterior doors had almost always been located along the front side of the rig.

The narrow-slot jalousie windows of the late 1950s had been replaced by large-pane crank-out models (which often lost tension and would not shut tightly). 

The precision-made -all-wood- cabinetry of days gone by was now typified by cabinets made of plastic and pressed board. Poorly-fitting drawers might fall out when opened. Moreover, sliding closet doors (made of wood paneling) would never stay on track properly.

Quality-crafted mobile homes were still being manufactured in the early 1970s, but were also sold for a premium price. 

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